Tallest Sunflower - The Small Print!
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Please post your entries here before the Festival ends at midnight, 1st October.
 No Chat, just photos!
We'll take a Vote on the best entries in October, with the Award of the Trophy at the end of October. 

Thanks for entering. 
Wonky Shopkeeper in Sunshiny South Wales
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      8ft 6" ish
I'm not aging, I just need re-potting.
Greetings from Wiltshire 
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My sunflower from saved seeds it’s 5ft 3in tall.

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Mines taller than my green house roof- do I need to get a tape measure out Big Grin

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Can the Man with the van
my sunflowers got battered to death in the wind and rain these last few days, so I’ve posted a picture of one I gave to my neighbour for her grandson, it’s not that tall but at least it still has blooms unlike mine.
Kinda cheating but it will never win, it’s only about 5 foot tall.


My poor specimen 

Coffee keeps me busy until it’s acceptable to drink whiskey.
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Member from Cheshire
8'11" now (measured last week at 8'5 but a bit of rain helped). It self seeded in with my early potatoes and was in danger of being weeded out but the little weed standing behind it vetoed that.

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This is my tallest. 7ft 8”

Isle of Mull
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Edit: Unfortunately, the storm winds broke our lovely sunflower at the base before we could measure. Estimated about 8.5 ft for any interested parties, not for competition Smile

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Well done to the entrants Smile

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