Time to reopen the Little Shop at the end of the garden!
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Unfortunately the management in the little shop has been very distracted for the last month and has dropped the ball, big time on stock and supply. Hopefully today the shelves will be refilled with things from the back room. Hopefully they won’t all be past there best! I know there’s chillies, runner beans, cabbages, broccoli, courgettes, tromboncino & potatoes all waiting to be brought.
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Just come back now with beetroot, tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers. There was an offer on on sweetcorn but you had to pick your own from the patch behind the shop. I came away with 24 not counting the one I ate while i was picking them. The shop keeper didn't notice that one hopefully. He gave a discount on the bird damaged ones.
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Just been back for some raspberries, they are practically giving them away.
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Toms on offer today so I’ll be roasting those when the ovens on at dinner time. Still plenty of apples came away with a trug full shared with neighbours rest will be juiced tomorrow when we’re due rain.
Really happy with my little shop Smile
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Still lots of French beans in my little shop, and we're expecting a small delivery of red kuri squash any day now. Beetroot and parsley are readily available, but the spring onions are looking a bit sad - the shop keeper blames all the wind and rain we've been having.
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